Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Newsletter - Annual Exhibition 2012

Annual Exhibition - 14th & 15th January 2012

This year's Annual Exhibition was a resounding success. More people attended than ever before and we received a considerable number of very positive comments from the visitors - and indeed the layout owners/operators and traders. All of them contributed to this resounding success.

On behalf of the committee Richard, our Secretary gives a belated thank you to all who assisted in any way shape or form with the event As always, it was hard (but enjoyable?) work. Although we can’t thank everyone by name, there are some people I think should get a particular mention.

Paul Hopkins once again stepped into John Wakeman’s (not inconsiderable!) shoes to mastermind the show. We owe a big debt of gratitude to them for their work both, before, during and after the show.

Road signs - many thanks to the teams who took on this duty.

It was a great help sharing this task and meant no one had to out in the cold too long. I believe they do help us to generate considerable passing trade and guide those visitors not familiar with the area.

Catering - once again Audrey and her team put on an excellent array of food and drink.

Saturday night meal - This year we tried a new approach by having a meal after the show closed, staying on at the school and getting in Fish and Chips. Personally speaking I think this worked very well and it was a shame a few more members didn’t join us and make it more of a social event. If we repeat the pattern next year we just need to remember to take salt, pepper and vinegar! Thanks must be given to Ted for investigating the options, gathering names and organising our meal.

(Originally published 21st February 2012)