Saturday, 28 November 2015

Warley, Portsea and Allbroke

This weekend is the Warley Model Railway show - one of the major events in the railway modelling calendar.

Amongst the attendees are Paul Hopkins and John Wakeman with Redford Junction, a TT masterpiece. Once they have been to Warley Paul will have attended 19 exhibitions this year, supporting BRMRC and the 3mm Society, and that has involved 31 days of exhibitions, travelling over 3,800 miles. Additionally, Redford Junction was the first 3mm layout ever to be exhibited at the Great Electric Train show at Gaydon, and he has managed to have an article included in the December 2015 edition of the Railway Modeller, which is the third consecutive year with an article in the Model Railway press. Excellent stuff Paul!

In the meantime, the national group supporting narrow gauge modelling in or about 7mm scale, the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association has, in the latest issue of Narrow Lines, its bi-monthly high quality magazine, an article by our very own Doug Meany on his layout - the Allbroke Estate Railway. Once again BRMRC is mentioned in the article and, of course, the layout has been to a number of exhibitions.

It is pleasing that our members are out flying the Club's flag both in person and in print.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Railway Modeller again - with Portsea AND an IMPORTANT members' questionnaire

We have two important announcements - one regarding the Portsea layout and one about a members' questionnaire.

Portsea by Paul Hopkins and John Wakeman in Railway Modeller

For the third year in succession, a layout by BRMRC members has appeared in the Railway Modeller. On this occasion, it is Paul Hopkins' and John Wakeman's beautiful Portsea layout. This is an excellent article, with superb photography and well reflects the good standard of modelling on this layout. We are fortunate to have some very competent modellers within the Club and this is certainly true of Paul and John - well done to you both. So, if you don't get Railway Modeller, rush to your nearest stockist and get one now - the article even includes a plug for our exhibition on 9 & 10 January 2016.

Members Questionnaire

The Club has, for some considerable time, being putting most of its effort into its new buildings.  As you are all aware, we are rapidly approaching completion which means, of course, that we can start considering what we want to do about actual model railway layouts! Now, this is where we need the members' input. So simply use your member's log in, go to the member's home page from the menu on the left and then follow the link to the questionnaire we are asking you to complete. It's not complicated - you simply have a space to tell us what you think.