Friday, 15 April 2016

AGM and a fantastic new acquisition for the Club

We have important news about the forthcoming AGM and about the Club's acquisition of a superb finescale OO gauge layout which we have acquired and which is based on Midhurst.


Firstly, although every attempt has been made to ensure that all members of the Club have been advised of the forthcoming AGM we will again remind you. It will be on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 at 7.45 pm in the Signal Box, Oliver’s Meadow, Westergate. An agenda will be issued prior to the meeting and should any member which to have something included in the Agenda please ensure both that you formally propose it to our Secretary, Graham Hignell by no later than 4 weeks prior (by 24 April) and that it is also seconded by another Club member.

Midhurst Layout

Now, we have another very important piece of news. Like most, if not all model railway clubs, we like to build and display our own layouts - and, indeed, there are already plans afoot in this regard. But, once in a while, an opportunity arises which is, simply too good to refuse. In this case, we were offered a truly superb model railway layout in OO finescale which is based on, for us geographically appropriate, Midhurst.

This layout has spent most of its life in the South west or the North West and, as a result has very seldom appeared in the South-Eastern corner of the country. We plan to rectify this before too long although firstly we have to learn how to operate it! But there is no doubt that our members will rise to this challenge with great enthusiasm. We have to express our gratitude to our colleagues at the Leyland Model Railway Club and particularly Tony Bates for this wonderful opportunity and, indeed, even delivering it to us when it made one of its rare south-eastern appearances.

For those who have not already seen the layout then please follow this link to the Leyland Model Railway Club's website where you will find not only a description but also a couple of video clips and THEN you will see why we are so enthusiastic.

Chris Davis
Vice-Chairman & Webmaster