Tuesday, 28 November 2017

New Gallery goes live

I am pleased to say that after much testing and, indeed, uploading of photographs by one of our members, our new picture gallery is up and running.

All of the pictures from the old gallery are there in addition to a few new ones. BUT we need lots more. So we welcome members of the public viewing the gallery and, if, indeed, you would like to send us any photos of our layouts or exhibitions (to webmaster@brmrc.co.uk) please feel free to do so.

For members, and this is the big change, so long as you are logged in, you can upload your own photographs into existing galleries or create your own new gallery for your photographs. Peter has tested it thoroughly so you shouldn't have any problems. Once you have uploaded your photographs they won't appear immediately but will have to be authorised by myself or another gallery administrator as a safeguard against spamming and the like.

So, please don't hesitate - enjoy the galleries and upload your own pictures of your layouts, club layouts, our exhibitions, club outings and/or prototypes.


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